FoxMind Match Madness Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

June 24, 2022

Price: $29.95 - $26.99
(as of Jun 24,2022 11:12:50 UTC – Details)

Test your pattern recognition and dexterity with Match Madness, the fun-filled pattern-matching frenzy for the whole family! Develop rapid problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills through fast-paced, action-packed gameplay that is both captivating and rewarding. Includes instructions in English, French, German, Italian, and Swedish. Think you’ve mastered Match Madness? Try the Match Madness Extreme expansion for even more smart fun!
FAST-PACED AND ACTION-PACKED: Players race to solve the puzzle on the card by flipping, rotating and combining identical sets of 5 patterned blocks. Sharp eyes, fast hands and quick minds prevail in this fun-filled pattern-matching frenzy!
PATTERN RECOGNITION AND DEXTERITY: Develop rapid problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. Match Madness encourages players to think critically, experiment and develop new strategies in order solve the puzzles more quickly.
TWO GAME MODES FOR HIGHER REPLAYABILITY: Choose between Quick-Play (speed) and Total Madness (highest score wins).
AWARD-WINNING FAMILY GAME: Winner of the 2018 Imagination Gaming Family Gold Award and Problem-Solving Gold Award.
SUITABLE FOR AGES 7 AND UP: Can be played in groups of up to 4 players. Match Madness can also be played solo: solve the puzzles at your own pace or try to beat your best times.

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